Changing climate, dwindling energy resources, natural hazards, and deteriorating environmental quality are among the most challenging of societal problems. Geoscientists, who study Earth processes and resources to understand and help address these and related issues, are in high demand. A degree in geology or meteorology opens the door to career opportunities that involve:

  • innovative technologies
  • outdoor adventures and world travel
  • work that helps sustain society and protect the planet

Already decided on a major? Adding Geology or Meteorology as a second major will further enhance your career path. Check out our department’s 4-year course plans for combining Geology as a secondary degree or Meteorology as a secondary degree with Engineering, Environmental Science, and Biology.


Commitment to Inclusive, Quality Teaching

Our department is committed to building and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment to ensure the learning and success of all students.



Department faculty members maintain well-funded research programs in several focus areas:

These programs fuel discovery and provide the basis for active graduate programs in geology and meteorology and for undergraduate research and employment opportunities.