Students experience structural geology in the Swiss Alps

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GEOL 306 students standing in front of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.
Group photo of the class with the Matterhorn in the background. From left to right: Erin Atchison, Anna Thompson, Dakota Conn, Tessa Dall, Jake Fowler, Karys Lillie, Chris Ladd, Gabrielle Ledesma, Shae McLafferty, Abe Diemer, Christina Meadows, Grisham Hentzen, Tom Birren, Nathan Bear, Noah Huftalin, Canaan Mills, Christoph Vettiger, Charlotte Bate, Jacqueline Reber, Brittany Theilen, Cole Kellow, Sam Picket. Photo credit: Sam Picket

Stepping outside to have class in view of the Matterhorn was a geology major’s dream come true for 20 Iowa State students this summer.

Jacqueline Reber, assistant professor of geological and atmospheric sciences, led the geology field trip course to the Swiss Alps in August.

“Geology is one of these subjects that’s really hard to learn just indoors because it’s very applied,” she said.

Which is why each year the Department of Geologic and Atmospheric Sciences holds a field trip course. The faculty take turns leading it, with the destination determined by the faculty member’s background and research area. This was the first time in 20 years that the field trip was international.

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