Concurrent BS/MS and BS/MBA degrees in Geology

Concurrent undergraduate and graduate degree programs can provide opportunities for well-qualified ISU juniors and seniors to apply for a program leading to both a master’s and bachelor’s degree at the end of a fifth year of study. Students interested in research may apply for a graduate research assistantship during their fourth and fifth years of study. Individualized concurrent degree programs are available.

For students pursuing a concurrent undergraduate bachelor’s degree and graduate degree, a maximum of 6 graduate credits can be double counted for both the bachelor’s degree and the graduate degree subject to the Program of Study Committee approval.

Admission procedures and requirements

Qualified students interested in pursuing the concurrent degrees will be required to complete the necessary paperwork to apply to the graduate program by January 1 of their junior year. The Geology Graduate Application Committee will review applications following the same procedure used for MS geology candidates. A 3.5 or higher GPA will be required for concurrent degree candidates.

Students intending to apply to the BS/MS geology degree will discuss research interests with the undergraduate advisor in their sophomore year, and identify possible graduate advisors with the relevant expertise before applying to the program in January of their junior year. The student and graduate advisor will agree between a thesis or creative component option. The student will also be considered for a TA or RA following the procedure currently in use in the geology program.

The application of students interested in pursuing the BS/MBA degree will be evaluated by the Ivy College of Business.

Requirements of the program

Students pursuing the BS/MS geology degree will complete 6 credits of geology required (e.g. GEOL 579, 3 cr.) or electives at the 500 level that will count both for the BS and MS degrees. In addition, the student will complete 6 research credits and 18 credits of 500-level geology electives in the 4th and 5th year. The research component can either be a thesis or a creative component. Sample 5-year plans are available below.

Students pursuing the BS/MBA geology degree will complete 48 credits for the MBA program in their 4th and 5th year, according to the sample plan below.

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Course Plans

BS/MS Degree in Geology Course Plan
BS/MBA Degree in Geology Course Plan