Franciszek Hasiuk

Assistant Professor
Dept: Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Office:253 Science

Dr. Hasiuk is a sedimentary geologist/geochemist who is keenly interested in answering important academic and industry questions related to the Earth’s sedimentary shell. His specialty is limestone sedimentology, stratigraphy, diagenesis, petrography, and petrophysics, but he can appreciate any sedimentary rock he is lucky enough to be holding.

Research areas he is actively pursuing include:

Carbonate paleothermometry (e.g. Mg/Ca, d18O, and Clumped Isotopes)
CO3DB–The Database of Carbonate Geochemistry
Diagenesis and geochemistry of fine-grained sedimentary rocks
Analytical models of porous media
High-resolution geochemical techniques in carbonates
Industrial uses and production of carbonates