Iverson Lab Experimental Equipment

Original ring shear device

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Ring Shear

Ring-shear device configured for experiments at controlled shear rates.

sample chamber

Specimen chamber of the ring-shear device.


New ring-shear device for the study of glacier sliding over either a hard or soft bed. The chamber that contains the ice is within the green tub, which holds the temperature-control fluid that circulates around the ice and bed. The upper platen that rotates and thereby drags the ice over the bed is visible just above the green tub. One of the two gear assemblies (blue) is at head level. Electrical cables are for thermistors and other sensors, video cameras, and motors. Click on images below to see larger versions.

image of device
image of device

Ice Permeameter


Ice permeameter for studying the flow of water through polycrystalline laboratory and glacier ice at its pressure-melting temperature.