Yuyu Zhou

  • Associate Professor




3019 Agronomy
716 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


Research Projects

  • NSF, co-PI, A Framework for Assessing the Impact of Extreme Heat and Drought on Urban Energy Production and Consumption
    Iowa Energy Center, PI, Developing a Landscape of Building Energy Use for the City of Des Moines, Iowa
  • NASA, co-PI, Ecosystem and Human System Dynamics: Indicators of Phenology, Climate, and Urbanization
  • NASA, co-PI, Atmospheric Composition: Modeling and Analysis, Improved Information on Recent Aerosol Emissions and Trends Within A Community Emissions Data System Using Satellite Data
  • DOE, PI, Improving GCAM Building Energy Use Modeling by Adding a Satellite-seeded Spatially Explicit Urban Expansion Component, PI
  • NASA, PI, Land-Cover/Land-Use Change for Early Career Scientists, Understanding and Simulating Global Urban Expansion in the Context of Climate Change
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Recent Publications (*Corresponding Author)

  • Li X, Zhou Y *, Asrar GR, Meng L. 2017. Characterizing spatiotemporal dynamics in phenology of urban ecosystems based on Landsat data. Science of The Total Environment. 605:721-34.
  • Li X, Zhou Y *, Asrar GR, Imhoff M, Li X. 2017. The surface urban heat island response to urban expansion: A panel analysis for the conterminous United States. Science of The Total Environment. 605:426-35.
  • Li X, Zhou Y *, Asrar GR, Mao J, Li X, Li W. 2017. Response of vegetation phenology to urbanization in the conterminous United States. Global change biology. 23(7):2818-30.
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