Undergraduate Majors

Climate Science

Climate change impacts our world everywhere we look — global environmental and ecological systems, agricultural systems and food security, human health, water availability, migrations, and economic systems. In the face of extreme events such as flooding, heat waves, or widespread crop failures, communities and businesses urgently need professionals who can address these challenges and communicate about them. More Information


A major in Geology prepares you for a professional career and/or graduate study in geological sciences. Students studying geology as a major will elect an option in traditional geology or environmental geology/hydrogeology.

Earth Science

An Earth Science major is a broad program that typically emphasizes an interdisciplinary field. Programs leading to a degree may be individually designed but will include required courses in geology and meteorology, and required supporting work in chemistry, physics and mathematics.


The emphasis of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Meteorology is on developing a broad understanding of the fundamental physical and dynamic processes governing the motions and behavior of the atmosphere as a fluid system. Basic courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics are prerequisites to the meteorology program and are considered the foundation courses on which the meteorology program is built. Career Information