Graduate Studies

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Motivated and talented graduate students are fundamental to the success of both the research and teaching missions of the Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences (GEAT). The department has a well-established reputation for educating highly successful masters and doctoral students. Graduates have good comprehension of basic principles, a capacity for critical and independent thought, and an ability to communicate their research effectively. Earning a graduate degree enriches students, widens their career opportunities, and significantly increases their lifetime earning potential Read what some of our alumni have to say.

M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are offered in earth science, geology, and meteorology, and the department also participates in the interdepartmental major in Environmental Science. Every effort is made to accommodate prospective students with non-traditional backgrounds in these areas. Details regarding graduate degrees can be found in the handbooks of the geology and earth science and meteorology programs. Appointed GEAT graduate students are supported via graduate assistantships (e.g., research and/or teaching assistantships) with a minimum monthly stipend of $2286 per month (0.5 FTE).

Information about how to apply to these programs can be found at the following links: Geology and Earth Science application process and Meteorology application process.

Applicants wishing to obtain details about our programs are encouraged to direct inquiries to our Graduate applications coordinators:

We are pleased to answer your questions and describe research opportunities available to you.

Graduate programs

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    Earth Science: M.S., Ph.D.

    Dwindling energy resources, natural hazards, and deteriorating environmental quality are among the most challenging of societal problems. A graduate degree in Earth Science opens the door to career opportunities that involve: work that helps sustain society and protect the planet; innovative technologies; and outdoor adventures and world travel.

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    Geology: M.S., Ph.D.

    Geoscientists, who study Earth processes and resources to understand and help address these and related issues, are in high demand. A graduate degree in Geology opens the door to career opportunities that involve: work that helps sustain society and protect the planet; innovative technologies; and world travel.

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    Meteorology: M.S., Ph.D.

    Meteorologists study the Earth’s atmosphere, including its composition, behavior, and interaction with the Earth’s surface and oceans. A graduate degree in Meteorology opens the door to career opportunities that involve: weather forecasting, atmospheric research, climate science, aviation meteorology, environmental consulting, emergency management, and broadcast meteorology.

Open graduate student positions

Faculty within the department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences are always recruiting graduate students for a variety of positions.