Chris Harding

Associate Professor
Dept: Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Office:1620 Howe

My interests are in combining geoscience research and teaching with the emerging field of Virtual Reality. Besides being a faculty member of the department of geological and atmospheric sciences I am also part of the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC) and ISU’s Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) program which is housed at Howe Hall.

I am interested in building interactive geoscientific Virtual Environments that take advantage not only of the well established visual component (e.g., large displays with stereo vision) but employ touch and sound as well – two perceptual mechanisms that are particularly interesting research topics within Virtual Environments. Geoscientific tasks carry a special set of problems that distinguish them from other forms of scientific visualization (e.g., medical or engineering) and therefore need a special approach.

I have several years of practical experiences with geoscientific virtual environments: I worked on the University of Houston’s Virtual Environment Research Laboratory, my Ph.D. thesis dealt with audio-supported, haptic (touch-based), fault modelling of bathymetric data and I was involved in VR research at Shell and Exxon, where I worked with large stereo displays (virtual theaters), scientific sonification and haptic interaction with volume data.