William Gutowski


Dept:Geological And Atmospheric Sciences
Office:3021 Agronomy
716 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


BS, Yale, Astronomy and Physics, 1976
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Meteorology, 1984

Dr. Gutowski’s research concentrates on the role of atmospheric dynamics in climate. Central focuses are the dynamics of the hydrologic cycle and regional climate. Because processes on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales are important for both of these, his research program entails a variety of modeling and data analysis approaches. His work includes regional modeling of North American, African, Arctic and East Asian climates and has significant collaboration with scientists in these regions.
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Geol/Ensci/Mteor/Nrem 402/502 – Watershed Hydrology.
Examination of watersheds as systems, emphasizing the surface components of the hydrologic cycle. Combines qualitative understanding of hydrological processes and uncertainty with quantitative representation. Laboratory emphasizes field investigation and measurement of watershed processes.

Mteor 452/552 – Climate Modeling.
Developing and working with climate models based on fundamental physical principles that govern the climate systems of the Earth and other planets. Emphasis on coupled, nonlinear-system interactions of physical processes such as circulation dynamics, radiative transfer, and cloud/precipitation physics, starting with fairly simple 0- and 1-dimensional analytical and numerical models based on energy, mass, and momentum conservation. Observational study of seasonally evolving weather patterns that form climates around the world.

Mteor 454 - Dynamic Meteorology II
Planetary boundary layer, linear perturbation theory, atmospheric wave motions, baroclinic and convective instability, mesoscale circulations.

Selected Refereed Reports

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Selected Refereed Publications

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g = Graduate Student Coauthor; p = Postdoctoral Coauthor