William Simpkins

Dept:Geological And Atmospheric Sciences
Office:155 Science
2237 Osborn Dr
Ames IA

B.A., Geology, Augustana College (Illinois)
M.S., Geology and Geophysics; M.S., Water Resources Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D., Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

My research interests in hydrogeology focus on groundwater flow and geochemical reactions in unlithified (non-rock) sediment, particularly glacial aquitards. Within that framework, I examine physical and chemical interactions of groundwater with lakes and streams, use isotopes to investigate groundwater source and age, and apply groundwater computer models to assess aquifer sustainability. I am currently investigating the transport of human enteric viruses and pharmaceuticals/hormones in groundwater, the hydrologic impacts of agricultural drainage, the stable isotope record of water in central Iowa, and the hydrogeology and sustainability of the Ames aquifer.

Hydrologic Impacts of Drainage Systems, Co-PIs: W.W. Simpkins (ISU), K.J. Franz (ISU), M.E. Helmers (ISU), Rick Cruse (ISU), Larry Weber (UIowa), Nandita Basu (UIowa), Thanos Papanicolau (UIowa). Funding from the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

Using human enteric viruses to track groundwater contaminants to a municipal drinking water supply in an alluvial aquifer. PI: W.W. Simpkins. Funding from the Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination (CHEEC) at University of Iowa.

A technology-rich, field- and internet-based educational laboratory for the innovative study of groundwater and surface water on the ISU campus. Co-PIs: W.W. Simpkins, C. Cervato, and K. Franz. Funded by the ISU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Geol 409/509 - Field Methods in Hydrogeology
Geol 411/511 - Hydrogeology
Geol 414/514 - Applied Groundwater Flow Modeling

Selected Refereed Publications

Marquardt, K.E., M.L. Rankin, and W.W. Simpkins. 2013. Town meets gown: Creating a collaborative process for expanding a universitys recycling program while supporting a citys waste diversion efforts. Sustainability: The Journal of Record 6(9): 104-114.

Simpkins, W.W., A.D. Wanamaker, and K.A. Jungbluth. In review. Effect of Global Change on Stable Isotopes in Precipitation since 1992: A Cautionary Tale for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction. Submitted to the Journal of Global and Planetary Change, November 2012.

Marquardt, K.E., M.L. Rankin, and W.W. Simpkins. In review. Improving recycling at Iowa State University with an existing 83% diversion rate. Submitted to Sustainability: The Journal of Record.

Osmond, D.L., P. Gassman, K. Schilling, C. Wolter, C.L. Kling, M. Helmers, T. Isenhart, W. Simpkins, T. Moorman, M. Tomer, S. Rabotyagov, M. Jha, D.L.K. Hoag, D.W. Meals, and M. Arabi. 2012. Chapter 11: Walnut Creek and Squaw Creek Watersheds, Iowa: National Institute of Food and Agriculture–Conservation Effects Assessment Project in Osmond, D.L., D.W. Meals, D. LK. Hoag, and M. Arabi, eds. 2012. How to Build Better Agricultural Conservation Programs to Protect Water Quality: The National Institute of Food and Agriculture–Conservation Effects Assessment Project Experience. Ankeny, IA: Soil and Water Conservation Society. p. 201-220.

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Simpkins, W.W. 2006. A multi-scale investigation of ground water flow at Clear Lake, Iowa. Ground Water 44 (1):35-46.

Helmke, M.F., W.W. Simpkins, and R. Horton. 2005. Simulating conservative tracers in fractured till under realistic timescales.Ground Water 43 (6):877-889.

Helmke, M.F., W.W. Simpkins, and R. Horton. 2005. Fracture-controlled transport of nitrate and atrazine in four Iowa till units. J. Environ. Qual. 34:227-236.

Schultz, R.C., T.M. Isenhart, W.W. Simpkins, and J.P. Colletti. 2004. Riparian forest buffers in agroecosystems lessons learned from the Bear Creek Watershed, central Iowa, USA. Agroforestry Systems 61:35-50.

Helmke, M.F., W.W. Simpkins, and R. Horton. 2004. Experimental determination of effective diffusion parameters in fractured till.Vadose Zone Journal 3:1050-1056.

Burkart, M.R., W.W. Simpkins, A.J. Morrow, and J.M. Gannon. 2004. Occurrence of total dissolved phosphorus in surficial aquifers and aquitards in Iowa. J. Amer. Water Resources Assoc. 40(3):827-834.

Simpkins, W.W., T.R.Wineland, R.J. Andress, D.A. Johnston, G.C. Caron, T.M. Isenhart, and R.C. Schultz. 2002. Hydrogeological constraints on riparian buffers for reduction of diffuse pollution: examples from the Bear Creek Watershed in Iowa, USA. Water Science and Technology 45 (9):61-68.

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Fellow, Geological Society of America, 2002
Master Teacher, 2002-2003, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2003 College of Agriculture Team Award, Agroecology Issue Team
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 150 Most Fascinating People
Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2008

Councilor, Geological Society of America (2012-2016)
2002 Chair, Hydrogeology Division of the Geological Society of America (GSA Hydrogeology Division)
Associate Editor, Ground Water (1996 to 2005)
CUAHSI Campus Representative (CUAHSI)
Member of Environmental Science Interdepartmental Major Faculty
Environmental Science Program Advisory Committee
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Promotion and Tenure Committee
President of ISU Chapter of Sigma Xi (2008-09) News Service release | Sigma Xi Podcast
Field Trip Leader, 66th Annual Tri-State Geological Field Conference, 2005