Iverson Lab Field Sites

Canadian Rockies and Swiss Alps

Glacier recession exposes former glaciers beds with diverse morphologies. Ground-based LiDAR and drone-based photogrammetry with colleagues at UW-Madison (L.K. Zoet and students) allow the creation of high resolution DEMs of these surfaces that provide the basis for improved models of glacier sliding.

Múlajökull, Iceland

Múlajökul is a surge-type outlet glacier in central Iceland. Drumlins there, formed during the last century, are being studied using magnetic till fabrics to infer past bed deformation patterns and geotechnical tests to determine past effective stresses in the drumlins and intervening areas. Click on the images below to view larger versions.

Camp at Múlajökull.
Drumlins in the forefield of Múlajökull, Iceland.

Although presently glacier-free, the midwestern landscape is dominated by landforms and deposits from past ice ages. Click on the images below to view larger versions.

Midwestern USA

Drumlin of the Green Bay lobe in central Wisconsin
Cemented glacial outwash near Peoria, Illinois: furrow and prow formed by clast ploughing at the ice-bed interface.